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Tips for Husband, Here's How to Massage Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy can make your wife feel uncomfortable. His body can experience pain and aches, so he becomes easily exhausted. Well, so he feels more comfortable, you can massage his body. Check out the following explanation about how to massage a wife who is pregnant. In addition to relieving discomfort from pregnancy, your massage can also make your wife sleep better, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and make her mood better. The Right Way to Massage a Pregnant Wife Actually when you are massaging your wife who is pregnant, indirectly the benefits of your hand massage can also be felt by the Little in the womb. This is what can foster an inner bond between you two. But so as not to massage the wrong and even make the wife more uncomfortable, you need to know how to massage properly. Massaging pregnant women needs to be done carefully, especially if done in early pregnancy. This is because massage is wrong or excessive in pregnant women in the first trimester at
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6 Easy Ways to Overcome Stomach Cramps during Menstruation

You may have experienced stomach cramps before and during menstruation. This condition, which is medically known as dysmenorrhea, is quite common. In fact, the discomfort is almost experienced by all women who are menstruating. The effects of abdominal cramps experienced by women during menstruation vary. There are those who feel mediocre and there are also those who feel pain to disturb their daily activities. But don't worry too much, because you can cramp your stomach during menstruation easily by yourself. Recognize the Causes of Stomach Cramps during Menstruation Abdominal cramps can occur because the body experiences changes during menstruation. During this period, uterine wall contractions are stronger than usual. This contraction occurs so that the lining of the uterus can drain menstrual blood. When the uterine wall is contracting, the uterus will also compress the blood vessels lining the uterus, so that it can cut off the flow of blood that is delivering oxygen to

Causes of Acne in the Nose and How to Overcome It

The appearance of pimples on the nose or around the face can cause discomfort and interfere with appearance. Even though it doesn't look like any other part of the face, acne on the inside of the nose also needs to be treated properly. The reason is if not treated, germs on the nose can spread to the brain. Acne in the nose can be a sign of an infection in the nose. Such pimples can be caused by some bad habits, such as picking your nose too often or throwing away nasal discharge hard. Causes of Acne on the Nose and its Signs Acne generally occurs when hormonal changes occur that cause excess oil production in the skin follicles. Excess oil along with dead skin cells will clog pores which are the outlet of the follicle. This will cause the follicles under the skin to swell. When this blockage is infected with normal bacteria that are on the skin, inflammation will occur in the form of acne. Likewise, the inside of the nose consists of many pores and hair follicles. Although